Bibliometric parameters:

h-index:  15, from Web of Science - Thomson Reuters (31/10/2017)

h-index:  18, from Google Scholar (31/10/2017)


Editorial Appointments:

Guest Editor of the volume 60(8) "Studies on Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Ionosphere from Equatorial to Mid Latitudes - Recent Investigations and Improvements - Part 1" published in the Advances in Space Research journal



Referee for the following journals:


-         Journal of Geophysical Research-Space Physics
-         Radio Science
-         Annales Geophysicae
-         Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics
-         Journal of Advances in Space Research
-         Journal of Scientific Research
-         Computer & Geosciences
-         Earth, Planets and Space
-         Pure and Applied Geophysics
-         IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters
-         IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation
-         Annals of Geophysics
-         Acta Geophysica
-         Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics
Referee for the National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Africa.

Conferences organized:

Chair of the poster session at the International Reference Ionosphere workshop, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, 13-17 November 2017.


Member of the International Technical Committee at the International Reference Ionosphere workshop, Bangkok, Tailand, 9-13 November 2015.


Convenor of the session “S4: Space Weather effects on HF and trans-ionospheric radio wave propagation” at the 10th European Space Weather Week, Antwerp, Belgium, 18-22 November 2013.
Member of the “Scientific Organizing Committee” of the session “C1.1: Recent Advances in Equatorial, Low- and Mid-Latitude Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Ionosphere Studies” at the COSPAR (Committee on SPAce Research) scientific assembly, Mysore, India, 14-22 July 2012.


Member of the Italian Physical Society since 2013 (



Coordinator of the division “Aeronomic Phenomena” of IAGA-Italia since 2016 (


Visiting Scientist:

Visiting scientist at the Physics and Astronomy Laboratory of the Universidade do Vale do Paraiba (UNIVAP) – São José dos Campos, Brazil, from March 04, 2015 to March 13, 2015, from May 15, 2016 to May 28, 2016, and from March 13, 2017 to March 24, 2017.